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OAT makes things bloom. We have a passion for meaningful products that combine quality craftsmanship, inspiring designs and exceptional materials that are safe for you and safe for the earth. Everything we do, everything we use and create has an impact, however big or small. And every day we can choose what that impact is going to be.

At OAT we constantly look for ways to combine the best products with the best impact. OAT made the world’s first biodegradable sneakers that grow flowers when you plant them. We developed the first biodegradable leather shoes, bags that grow sunflowers and even baby shoes with seeds to grow your baby’s Tree of Life.

With each OAT product, we are changing the way the industry works and, hopefully, the way people experience their environment. We work to make products better, production processes cleaner and the threshold for sustainable choices lower. With every OAT product you buy, you support our mission to make your world bloom into a better, healthier future.



OAT was founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2009 and started with the development of the shoes that bloom. OAT Shoes launched in 2011 sending Adam and Eve down the runway at the Amsterdam Fashion Week, saving the Tree of Life. In an OAT Shoe of course.  The company immediately won a prize at the prestigious Green Fashion Competition followed by a wave of global press, with features in the LA Times, Dezeen Best Ideas of 2011, Tokyo TV and many others.

Social Responsibility

OAT has social responsibility in its DNA. Our mission is based on making a positive impact on the world, so we take care that all of our materials are sourced ethically and that the workers at our factories get the pay they deserve.