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  • 141221-Cork

    The cork we use is harvested ethically in Portugal, known globally for its excellent cork production. The OAT insoles that are made with this material are shaped to give your feet the support they need and ensure a comfortable walking experience.

  • 141221-BioDegrPlastic
    Biodegradable plastic

    OAT uses a flexible biodegradable plastic to make the shoe soles with. This plastic is certified according to EN13432, which in basically means that 90+ % of a certain amount of the plastic will degrade within 6 months ideal circumstances. The velocity with which the soles will degrade depends on the temperature, humidity and the amount of microbes in soil.

  • 141221-Flax

    Flax is is one of the strongest natural fibres that exists. It’s naturally breathing and has a low environmental impact because it uses little water and grows quite well without the use of pesticides. Flax can be used to produce oil, as a nutritional supplement, and it’s used as an ingredient in many wood-finishing products.

  • 141221-Cotton

    OAT’s cotton comes from Turkey and is GOTS certified.

  • 141221-Leather

    The leather used for OAT Shoes is a unique biodegradable leather, developed with Hulshof Tanneries in Lichtenvoorde and the Province of Gelderland. It comes from predominantly free range livestock from the Netherlands and Southern Germany.

  • 141221-Biodegradable

    This product is 100% biodegradable. This means that this product will completely decompose into the earth once you plant it. The rate of degradation varies depending on the temperature, humidity and the amount of microbes in soil.