This is the short version of things you may want to know before ordering your pair(s) of OAT Shoes. For the complete lowdown be sure to read our terms and conditions here.

International Shipping

Right now delivery is limited to countries within Europe (see the list in our shipping overview). We hope to be able to branch out soon, but introducing non-native seeds into countries is a tough nut to crack. We’re working on it though! Hopefully we will be able to place our footprint further around the globe very soon.

Estimated Delivery Time

Once you’ve ordered and paid, depending on the country you live in, your OAT Shoes will arrive within 1 to 12 workdays. Check the indicative delivery time for your country here. We work with Post NL for delivery in the Netherlands and their postal partners in countries outside of the Netherlands. In case you are not there when delivered, they will leave a note indicating how arrangements can be made to receive your package.

Adding Orders

Once an order has been placed, we are unable to add items to an existing order. If you would like to order an additional item, please place a separate order through our online shop site.

Exchange & Returns

Return Period

You can return your OAT Shoes within 7 days of delivery with a money-back guarantee if -and only if- the shoes are unmarked, unused and the contents of the box are returned complete and unharmed. We cannot accept any shoes that have worn or marked soles or uppers. In case of any alleged incompleteness or defect, send us an email here within this period of 7 working days. Take care: after these 7 days we won’t accept claims for deficiency or incompleteness.

How To Return

Returned items must be identified by enclosing a printed and completed return form: available here, or request one by sending an email to us here. Please note, without this form, we cannot handle a return/exchange request. Also, be aware that the return shipment is at the responsibility and expense of the customer -that’s you!-, so make sure to obtain a ‘proof of shipment’, tracking details and optional insurance from your local post office/shipping agency. After you’ve shipped your return, send us notice including your order number and tracking details via our contact form.

So in short, here’s what you do:

– Check all items are unharmed/unmarked.
– Check contents of the box (Sneakers incl seed sheets in tongue, canvas bag, information label with sunflower seeds).
– Print and fill out return form and include with your shipment.
– Send the package through your local post office/shipping agency back to:

OAT Shoes
Zocherstraat 40-1
1054 LZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

– Send us notice including order and tracking number here and add “return shipment” as your subject.

Upon receipt we will check your shipment and the contents. If returned complete and unharmed, we will either send you the new shoe size you requested, or reimburse you for your order.

Shipping costs

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs depend on the country you are shipping to. OAT Shoes are available in European Union member states. People outside these countries can only purchase OAT Shoes if the delivery address is within the countries or territories listed here. When you go to the check out and confirm your order, you will see what the shipping costs will be for your address. 


International Sizes

Size/model exchanges are subject to stock availability.

Please clarify any doubts about sizing before ordering by referring to the size guide below.





Contact Link

If you have any questions, remarks or need help with your order, please contact us here


How long do the shoes take to biodegrade?

The hemp and cotton will degrade within a couple of months in regular potting earth. The plastic has been tested to break down within 6 months in an ideal environment, but this varies with the type of soil, the temperature and humidity they’re planted in. So once you have them, get out testing and send us your findings! (be sure to wear ‘em first though..)

Will they melt if I walk in the rain?

No of course not! They will get wet and dirty just like any other pair of shoes, but you will still have shoes on at the end of the day.

What if I have sweaty feet?

Then you may run the risk of sprouting dandelions from in between your toes..

Will the shoes really sprout flowers?

Well, if you follow the instructions, you should have a fiery bouquet of wildflowers growing out of your shoes within days! We would like to take this opportunity to mention that planting OAT Shoes in public -or other people’s- grounds is completely at your own risk and we do not recommend doing so. Not everyone is going to understand the sacred ritual of your sneaker funeral you know..

What type of seeds do the shoes contain?

They’re a collection of wildflowers like Black Eyed Susans, Catchflies, Corn Poppies, Snapdragons and Sweet Alyssums.

Where are the seeds hidden?

The seeds are embedded in the ‘seed sheet’, which is a sheet of paper sewn into the tongue of the shoe.

Where are the shoes available?

You can buy OAT Shoes in selected retail stores in the Netherlands and Europe. For a list of stores, go to the stores page. You can also order OAT Shoes through our webshop, which ships to countries within the EU.

Where are the shoes made?

OAT Shoes are made in Bulgaria at a family-owned factory where the workers get a fair pay and decent working conditions.

How long does shipment take?

This depends on where in Europe you live. Check the list of countries we ship to and the estimated delivery time here. For any other questions, please send us a message.